Why Gallagher Boy Farm?

Hello, my name is Jennifer. I have been happily married for 13 years and a mom to 3 amazing humans, who are my little boys. After teaching elementary school for several years, I am blessed with the opportunity to now work from home .Why, at the age of 42, am I starting a blog? Do I have anything unique to share or say that is different than the millions of other bloggers? No, probably not. This blog is for me. This will be a little niche for myself, specifically as we embark on the adventure of building our dream home. Finally, after cramped living with 2 adults, 3 children and a dog- we look forward to enjoying some more space indoors and out! I am looking forward to watching our boys grow in and explore wide open spaces.FullSizeRender

It is my hope to connect with others who I can learn from. There are so many creative and talented folks out there! I live in a pretty isolated, rural area (which I love!) Not only was I born and raised here, but was lucky enough to return to raise our boys in this beautiful country setting. It can be challenging, however. For example, in order to meet with our subcontractors and look at flooring samples, I need to drive 200 miles round trip! So like many others, I heavily depend on Houzz, Pinterest and IG to get ideas for construction tips, home design, etc. I hope to assemble these ideas here also.

So welcome to Gallagher Boy Farm where we raise our boys kind, we raise them resilient and we raise them up!

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